Get Gorgeous Grass in No Time

Choose our landscaping services in Lobelville & Waynesboro, ​TN

Whether you own a home or a business, you want to keep your property looking good. The first step towards a beautiful yard is thick, healthy grass. If your grass is currently bare or full of weeds, we can help. The experts at Property Enhancements LLC provide many landscaping services in Lobelville & Waynesboro, ​TN, including sod installation.

Make the grass greener on your side of the fence. Call 931-628-0780 now to take advantage of our sod installation service.

Trust the local lawn preparation specialists

Growing a lush lawn is no simple task. Fortunately, Property Enhancements offers new lawn preparation services in Lobelville, Waynesboro, ​TN and surrounding areas. Our team can:

Remove the old turf
Fix any grade problems
Amend your soil with fertilizers and organic matter
Rake your yard smooth and remove debris
Sow seed that will grow into your new grass

Contact us right away to arrange for new lawn preparation and seeding services. If you want to have sod installed, we've got you covered there, too.

Skip the seeds. Add healthy sod to your yard.

Does your yard need new grass? Don't struggle to get grass to take root and grow. Get thick, healthy grass almost immediately with sod installation. Sod is made up of rolls of grass with roots and a soil layer attached. The installation process includes:

  • Prepping the area where you will lay the sod
  • Rolling out each strip carefully, avoiding gaps
  • Using smaller pieces to fill in gaps on the edges
  • Pressing sod in firmly
  • Watering the area thoroughly

Get the beautiful yard you've always wanted. Take advantage of our landscaping services in Lobelville & Waynesboro, ​TN soon. For best results, don't mow the area until your sod is well-established.